Tunstall Lifeline Smart Hub certified to UMO platform

In February 2019 Tunstall and Verklizan successfully finalised the certification of the Tunstall Lifeline Smart Hub and the UMO platform using SCAIP protocol. The validation process was finished by performing a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) which has been signed by both parties and enables potential activation of this interface at all UMO customer installations.

Digital transition  
The validation contributes both organisations in the digital transition of the overall telecare market which is becoming increasingly urgent across Western Europe. Both parties brought many decades of experience together in order to offer a secure and reliable cooperation of its solutions.

SCAIP offers a universal IP communications protocol for social alarm systems and has paved the way already in Sweden in the shift from analogue to digital telecare as required by the closing of traditional POTS lines. Given its successful approach in Sweden, SCAIP has been growing in many other countries and was used as strong foundation for its European successor PD CLC/TS 50134-9:2018.

Introduction Tunstall LifeLine Smart Hub
The Lifeline Smart Hub is a complete ‘Digital Care’ monitoring and alarm system for the home. It uses future proof, smart technology to connect service users with care professionals in real time, enabling people to live independently in their own homes. Bringing all services and data together, the Smart Hub can link up to 50 sensors (including Tunstall’s full telecare sensor range) enabling the user to access help in their home 24 hours a day.  The alarms are sent over a cellular network or Ethernet connection through the users home broadband network. IP technology not only allows calls to be made, it can collect monitoring data, provide vital information on the hub’s status and enable over the air upgrades remotely.

More information?
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