Swissvoice C50s certified to UMO

In February we have successfully validated a new interface towards the UMO platform by performing a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Our partner Swissvoice has successfully developed an interface between their C50s solution and UMO, which can now potentially be used by all UMO customers.

Introduction Swissvoice

Swissvoice develops, markets and sells a wide range of added-value terminals of communication, tailored for elderly people looking for an easy and comfort user experience.

Our solutions include landline phones, smart home accessories, mobile phones and a Premium monitoring Service designed to support and reassure senior users.
Sold worldwide, Swissvoice is a European brand, anchored in the telecommunication industry, which benefits from a strong awareness.

Swissvoice International SA has been a subsidiary of ATLINKS Holdings Ltd. since 2016.


C50s solution certified to UMO

The Swissvoice C50s offers the unique concept of a simple to use smartphone combined with a comfort base station. As well as its strong, clear sound and extra-loud ring tones, the phone provides a range of functionalities specially designed for staying in contact with the people who count. The Swissvoice Premium Service additionally enables member of the C50s user’s family to provide remote assistance where necessary.

With this interface, remote management & alarms can also be sent to a monitoring centre using the UMO platform.

The interface towards the UMO includes the following functionalities:

  • Alarms sending towards the monitoring centre
  • Voice call towards monitoring centre in assigned alarm situations
  • Position information
  • Geofence alarms
  • Technical alarms to monitor battery and general status of the device

More information?
Want to learn more on the specific interface? Request the FAT document and more information by contacting Swissvoice or contact us.  

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