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Social alarms, telecare, telehealth, monitoring, prevention and more...

Social alarms & telecare

A great variety of social alarm equipment can be connected to UMO, also known as Social alarms, dispersed alarms and grouped alarms (warden-call systems or schemes). These distinguish themselves from each other through:

  • Connection possibilities (PSTN/Digital)
  • Remote programming
  • Ease of operation
  • Price
  • Quality

An overview of the equipment that can be connected is shown in the partner search feature.


Telehealth involves carrying out various services from a distance, which includes:

  • Weight
  • Temperature
  • Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Lung function (COPD)
  • Heart function (ECG, pulse and saturation)
  • Use of medication

Using Telehealth makes it possible to remotely obtain a more up-to-date picture of the patient’s condition, as a whole series of measurements are taken on a daily basis, in the client’s own home

Prevention – Early Indicators

Who does not want to grow old in good health? Who would not want to remain vital and active for as long as possible? It would be nice if everyone could have a personal coach as a guide for healthy ageing. Someone who notices if some things are going a little less well since the last time you had contact and suggesting which things to do or not do to support your health.

Together with our customers and partners, Verklizan is developing the ‘early indicator’ prevention programme to allow monitoring centres to provide this coaching for active and healthy ageing. The programme consists of a suite of proactive services which are based on innovative applications of technology and the telephone.

Mobile Alarms

Mobile alarms are the latest development in emergency alarms, offering many more advantages.

Pinpointing the location of people who need help is crucial for the efficient co-ordination of assistance. Using mobile alarms can mean a map is displayed to the operator showing the location of the caller.

A special ‘Search and Find’ function also offers the central operator the possibility of tracing a person on demand. For instance, when a patient is travelling and has forgotten their medication.

Call Centre

A suite of tools to allow any type of call-based service to be customised, with appropriate scripts, procedures and documents presented to the operator.


The use of Loneworker services protects employees who work individually in potential dangerous work or remote environments

Examples are:

  • Domiciliary care staff
  • Mobile response teams
  • Social workers

These ”Lone workers” are protected by sharing their wellbeing with the UMO platform. Before starting an activity the Loneworker checks into the system using SMS or a telephone call. The Loneworker gives an estimate about the duration of the activity. If the Loneworker has not confirmed the activity is finished within the preset duration, and does not respond to an automatic reminder from UMO, an alarm will be generated to operators.

The Loneworker service can be used by the mobile phone of the employee or by carrying a specific device with additional features such as GPS location, providing many options to suit the needs of the service user.

Video Communication

The use of video communication is growing across the world.

Using any number of devices, including PC, TV, mobile phones and tablets the UMO platform allows IP cameras to be streamed to the monitoring centre, which enables clients to communicate with sound and vision to a central operator.

Activity Monitoring

Daily activity monitoring, is the remote recording of behaviour and life patterns.

When a deviation from the normal habitual pattern occurs, it could be a sign that the patient’s condition is changing, even though an alarm call is not made.

By installing simple measuring units that register movements and habits at various locations in the house, ‘normal’ patterns are recognised and learned. Connecting readings to the UMO platform and setting thresholds that alert operators to changes in patterns, preventive care can be offered as a proactive service.

Wellness Monitoring

Within the UMO platform recurring alarms can be scheduled using the Agenda application. Activities can be planned to be carried out by the operators.

Social exclusion is becoming a growing issue with the ageing population. Research has shown that actively approaching these people can have significant results in their wellbeing. This can be managed by the Agenda module easily, which can also be used to remind agents to wish a happy birthday or remind clients to make their monthly alarm test call.

Virtual Key

With virtual keys, care assistants connected to the UMO platform are able to open the client’s front door by means of mobile telephone, with the home equipped with an electronic unlocking mechanism. All actions are centrally registered in the audit trail in the UMO platform and can be reported on.