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ANC 7000 Platform


Central to all our care communication systems is the fully-based IP-based ANC platform. This platform ensures that all alarms and alerts are sent to the right people within your organization. The intelligent underlying software monitors the timely monitoring of alarms, as recorded in your internal care plan.

Security of residents and reliability of the system are thereby ensured. The system can be adapted to any desired work situation, enabling alarms to be distributed across multiple operating stations, spread across different locations. The extremely easy-to-use and simple software application supports additional functionalities in addition to the above-mentioned features. For example, all alarms are displayed on a screen, with each notification provided with the correct information. Any contact, care plan and medication data are available immediately.

Categories: Nurse call / Home automation
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De Heer Medicom


De Heer Medicom is active in the field of health care applications for more than 35 years. We develop smart and intelligent healthcare systems. The systems guard the health of persons in care facilities as well as at home and support the persons in their daily activities. Our products and services are using state of the art technologies and are based on IP network communication. De Heer Medicom has its owns research and development departments as well as a project office which is responsible for rolling out the equipment in care institutions and people’s homes. De Heer Medicom is also active as (software) integrator and as such integrating third party products in its own care communication platform. De Heer Medicom also provides a 24/7 support service on the delivered and installed products


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