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2PCS Safety Watch


The 2PCS system is an alerting and locating system designed for the duties of professional care, addressing the safety and independence of persons in care. The solution and technology design of 2PCS allows the usage in various living and care settings, both in institutional care as well as ambulatory care.

The 2PCS solution consists of self-developed components unified in a holistic system. The 2PCS system acts and reacts in an efficient and a relieving way to save time and costs as well as disburden care givers and relatives. The person in care, wearing the 2PCS safety watch, benefits from a better safety feeling, independence and supported mobility by wearing a single device for indoor and outdoor usage connected to the care giving organization or service provider (call center).

Categories: Mobile Alarms
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2PCS Solutions GmbH


The Austrian company 2PCS Solutions GmbH develops and provides ICT-based professional care solutions. It was developed in a collaboration with the AAL joint program ( / and tested in three different pilot sets in Austria, Italy and Switzerland with call center connections & services. The main objective of the company is to handle the challenges of an aging society in the context of demographic change.


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