Partner introduction: Suvanto Care

In March we have successfully validated a new interface towards the UMO platform by performing a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Our Finnish partner Suvanto Care has successfully developed an interface between their “Suvanto Home” and “Suvanto OnTheGo” solutions and the UMO, which can now potentially be used by all UMO customers.

Introduction Suvanto Care
The objective of Suvanto is to enable safe living in one’s own home for as long as an individual wants.

We work in order to make this possible for everyone in the future.

The vision of Suvanto Care, a safe and peaceful old age for everyone, stems from the nature of Lapland. Suvanto (Finnish for “a stream pool”) reflects tranquility and being free from worries. We want to ensure the preservation of a strong feeling of security for everyone living at home alone or needing support in living.

Suvanto Care is an innovation from Finland – more specifically Rovaniemi – for supporting home care with unobtrusive technology that does not disturb the inhabitant’s daily life. The devices and the whole service built around the technical solution have been designed in Finland. The Suvanto observation devices are also produced in Finland, which ensures the best possible maintainability and operational reliability for the customer. Our service has also been granted right to the Key Flag Symbol, which ensures its of Finnish origin.

Suvanto’s own product development team and wide network of collaborators enable our continuous service development, listening to the needs of the clients. We want to lead the way in implementing home care along with the ever growing and diversifying needs.

Behind the Suvanto® service is a research and development work that actually started in more depth in 2012. The service development has been guided by research projects on home living support service needs carried out both in Finland and elsewhere around the world.

Suvanto solutions connected to UMO
The Suvanto Care system is offered in two variations:

  • Suvanto® OnTheGo
  • Suvanto® Home

Suvanto® OnTheGoprovides safety wherever – at home and outside home

A safety locator, handily kept on a person, automatically alerts as needed if the person falls or leaves a predefined area. Help can be summoned using the SOS button on the device, which also gives the helper location data of the call for help. The device can also be used as a speaker phone – it can be called directly by telephone.

The location of a Suvanto® OnTheGo user can be easily determined either by the helpers or by the user themself with a press of a button.

This is how the Suvanto® OnTheGo service works

Produces an alert:

  • By the press of the SOS button
  • When a fall is detected
  • When the locator battery is depleted
  • When the locator is turned off
  • When leaving the predefined area

Suvanto® Homeobserves the daily life of an elderly person in a way that respects their privacy. Thanks to it, an aging person can safely live in their own home as long as they themself want.

The system, working completely automatically and without disturbing the life of the client, learns the daily routines of the inhabitant and collects data about the changes that occur. Based on the continuous data, helpers can make inferences on the changes in the well-being of the inhabitant. Suvanto® Home automatically alerts about essential anomalies.

This is how the Suvanto® Home service works

Observes – unobtrusively the everyday life of a person

  • Learns – the routines and daily rhythm of a person
  • Infers – whether the behaviour deviates from normal
  • Informs – all parties in real time
  • Alerts – close relatives and other helpers on essential anomalies and need for help

The interface towards the UMO includes the following functionalities:

  • Alarm sending towards the monitoring center using UMO IP XML communication
  • Position reception (GPS) to display the users position on the UMO maps interface
  • Geofence alarm
  • Activity and wandering alarms
  • Technical alarms
  • HTTPS (optional)

More information?
Want to learn more on the specific interface? Request the FAT document and more information by contacting Suvanto Care or contact us.  

Suvanto Care website :



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