Innovative fall detection UMO certified


In June we have successfully validated a new interface towards the UMO platform by performing a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Our French partner Creative Specific Software has successfully developed an interface between their VA²CS solution and UMO, which can now be used by any UMO customers.

Introduction Creative Specific Software
Creative Specific Software is a company created in 2012, located in Saint Raphael, Nice area, France.
It’s the Leader of Automatic Incident detection related to elderly (AIDE) at home as well as in institutions or sheltered homes.

VA²CS solution connected to UMO
By combining an optical sensor and Artificial intelligence software running inside the premises of the customer, Video Fall Detection by C2S (patented system) is able to detect all types of fall or loss of consciousness. It is the only system providing a visual check of the image whjch has triggered the alarm. It also allows very accurate activity monitoring. It can send the alarm to the UMO interface or directly to Android phones equipped with an app.Our solution:

A reliable and innovating system allowing to :

  • Automatic check rooms efficiently
  • Detect automatically falls or incidents at home or in private areas in an institution with nothing to wear nor to press
  • Monitor activity

Based on:

  • An optical sensor (WIFI connected to the base)
  • A powerful image processing algorithm
  • A patented process
  • A base to be connected to the internet

A secure web platform to analyze statistics and store data according to parameters set.The interface towards the UMO includes the following functionalities:

  • Alarm sending towards the monitoring center using UMO IP XML communication
  • URL to be displayed on UMO Internet Tab
  • HTTPS (optional)

More information?
Want to learn more on the specific interface? Request the FAT document and more information by contacting Creative Specific Software or contact us.  

Video presentation : Link

Website Creative Specific Software: