Grannyguard certified to UMO

In November we have successfully validated a new interface towards the UMO platform by performing a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Our German partner pikkerton GmbH has successfully developed an interface between their Grannyguard solution and UMO, which can now be used by any UMO customers.

Introduction pikkerton GmbH
The Berlin-based sensor and radio specialist pikkerton has been working for over 12 years in the development, construction and manufacturing of both customer-specific and proprietary detection systems, wireless sensor networks (e.g. ZigBee, WiFi, 868/869 MHz) and mobile communications. Main emphasis is on smart metering, industrial monitoring and electronic assistance systems for the elderly and frail people (AAL).

Grannyguard solution certified to UMO

„Grannyguard“ is a novel and inconspicuous fall detection system in the shape of a light switch that works permanently in the background. Besides the fall detection, other critical situations are also recognised: climatic measurements, movement and activity analysis. Grannyguard sends text messages (SMS) and includes a complete, high-quality hands-free system to establish voice calls in any sequence. The product can be used both in outpatient and in inpatient care. It can get connected to various backend systems like Verklizan-UMO or emergency call systems according to VDE 0834.

The interface towards the UMO includes the following functionalities:

  • Alarm sending towards the monitoring centre including voice call in assigned alarm situations.

Meet pikkerton on the Verklizan innovation Day 2018!

More information?
Want to learn more on the specific interface? Request the FAT document and more information by contacting pikkerton or contact us.  

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