Anywhere Care UMO certified


Footprint and OwnFone mobile alarming solutions successfully validated towards the UMO platform.

In August we have successfully validated two new interfaces towards the UMO platform by performing a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Our UK partner Anywhere Care has successfully developed an interface between their Footprint and OwnFone solutions and the UMO, which can now be used by any UMO customers.

Introduction Anywhere Care
Anywhere Care provides cost effective solutions that give freedom, independence and reassurance to both the user and the care givers. We currently support in excess of 10,000 individuals across the UK with a wide range of different requirements. Our customers range from individual users, social care providers and lone working groups. 

Anywhere Care is a UK based technology business and is an integral part of the Anywhere Sim family.  We make the world’s simplest mobile phone and a small GPS tracker packed full of features. All our devices and solutions run on Anywhere Sim, which provides access to any available UK network.  Our 24/7 monitoring service is available via our carefully selected partners.

Although we look after large businesses, local authorities, Housing Associations and NHS Trusts across the UK, we also provide families and individuals with bespoke solutions to their care requirement. That’s where the OwnFone started back in 2012.  We understand just how important it is for people to be able to contact their friends, family or carers quickly and easily and that’s why our products are all about simplicity, reliability and ease of use.

Footprint & OwnFone solution connected to UMO
A brief introduction in both solutions:

Footprint is a GPS tracker with SOS button and two-way communication. It pinpoints the location of the wearer, and provides two-way hands-free conversation through the built-in speaker.  Footprint can be ‘paired’ with up to three mobiles or smartphones belonging to other family members, providing reassurance to family and users alike. The user can call for help when needed. The family can keep an eye on the user and be automatically alerted if they leave a pre-defined (or geo-fenced) area.

To call for help, the user holds down the button for three seconds … until they hear a beep. the Footprint sends a text to the ‘paired’ family members on their mobiles or smart phones. This has a Google Maps link showing the GPS location. The Footprint then calls the ‘paired’ family members in turn until one answers the call. If the first contact is unable to answer the tracker will call the next number and then the third.

With this interface the alarm can also be send to a monitoring centre using the UMO platform.

The ability to contact people, and to be contacted, at the press of a button offers great peace of mind which is so important, especially for older people, whether living independently or otherwise.  You simply choose up to 12 numbers. We programme them into the phone. You choose your airtime plan and design and we do the rest. You can even have photos or high visibility buttons on the handset, ideal for those with visual impairment.

The OwnFone handset has nice big buttons and comes with 12 month warranty and our airtime plans are affordable and flexible. The OwnFone is ideal for older people or those who just want to make and receive calls without fuss or confusion. Our handsets aren’t just about ease of use and safety, they are also great value for money.

More information?
Want to learn more on one of the specific interfaces? Request the FAT documentation and more information by contacting Anywhere Care or contact us.  

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